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We have all the puzzles

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Samantha Robinson ceramics for sale at Wilkins and Kent

There are many items not yet online, ring/text 0414199305 if you are looking for something specific.

Even though the workshop is temporarily closed, you can still plan your next furniture piece!

Just email info@wilkinsandkent.com for design ideas or quote

We have many items to cosy your nest!

This 3 seater couch for example!

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Cut herbs without crushing, tearing or bruising  Constructed with 5 stainless steel blades and…


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This face shield is locally made in Coburg. It meets Department of Health and Human Services requirements. Face shields are a perfect alternative for people with different abilities.

100%  recyclable & zero waste production process. 
Can be gently cleaned with alcohol wipes. 
Compatible with the following cleaning agents: 70% ethanol spray, 70% isopropyl alcohol, 6% bleach, 3% hydorgen peroxide.

This face shield is locally made in Coburg. It meets the Department of Health and Human Services req…

$16.95 - $36.95

SOY WAX CANDLES   Scent your home with the sophisticated and soothing candle from Myrtle &…


This reusable Australian Made, washable face mask by Annabel Trends will brighten your day with many…

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XD Design Protective Mask Set. High-quality masks and certified filters for continuous and everyday …

When checking out, just add message as to which design you would like!

Rancho jewellery designed by Michelle Smith. Rancho is proud to be environmentally friendly and…


Saffron Sofa is a 3 seater sofa is constructed of a timber structure covered in foam then fully upho…


Wivina armchair has a structure that is made of galvanised steel in a painted green finish to match …